coaching sessions

We offer personalised coaching regarding the following topics:

Limitless abundance and prosperity

This coaching includes the development of an abundance mindset, techniques to become more prosperous and development of positive habits regarding prosperity, among other topics. The coaching session will provide you with guidance to make your life more prosperous, abundance and meaningful. From a wider perspective, abundance includes unlimited wealth, but also the improvement of relationships, thriving business activities/career and the betterment of health conditions.  

Finding of the personal mission

Your mission is what makes your life meaningful. When you find your mission things start to unfold effortlessly and your life starts to make sense. Many people have big difficulties to find their mission. The coaching session will provide you with specific strategies which will help you fin your mission and make a relevant contribution to the world. 

Ho'oponopono technique

This tool is based on the principles of repentance, forgiveness, love and gratitude and it can be used to resolve all types of difficulties in different areas, such as relationships, health conditions, financial challenges and career problems. The coaching session will provide you with guidance to master this technique.

Techniques and tips to write a non-fiction book

Writing a book seems to be a very challenging task for most people. Writer’s block is a widespread issue which affects most writers of all genres. In this workshop, you will learn some techniques to make your writing flow gracefully. The coachee will be provided with practical tips to make their writing more effective. The focus of the coaching session will be non- fiction, albeit some of the recommendations can be used for other types of book.

Each coaching session is delivered by Skype. The coaching session are one-to-one and must be paid in advance. The times and day for the coaching session are agreed by the coach and the coachee. The duration of the session is one hour.  The sessions are delivered by Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD), who is a certified Master Life Coach. 

If you want to book a session. Please click on the button below. The cost of the coaching session £ 75.00 (seventy five sterling pounds)